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  • Requesting a Drill Test or Review Board - As you climb that ladder called the cadet program, you will find yourself taking several tests at the squadron. However, to take these tests, it is imperative that you request them AT LEAST two days in advance. If you request a test anytime within a day of the meeting, we will have to schedule the test for the week after. This is due to the fact that facilitating cadet testing takes some preparation on the senior member and cadre side. To request a test, you have two options. #1 Email or contact your mentor through Discord, outlining the test that you need and when you would like to take it. #2 Fill in the testing sign up sheet at the squadron building. This sheet will be available at every meeting, and you can input your name, what test you need, and the date that you would like to schedule it for.

  • Discord server - The Cadet Executive Cadre have designed a Discord server specifically for our squadron. This server will function as a place for cadet and senior member communication, squadron announcements, and planning. In addition, all parents are encouraged to join this server! '

For those who do not know, Discord is a communication portal similar to GroupMe or Slack. Discord is completely free and is compatible with both laptops and mobile devices. To join our squadron’s server, simply download the  Discord App (downloading the app is not required, for you can use Discord through any browser), register, and accept our squadron’s  server invite. Upon accepting this server invite, you will be given specific roles that correspond to your place in the squadron, and these roles will grant/deny you access to certain channels. 



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